Scope of Services

Through a collaborative process that is centered on client education, our firm designs a plan comprised of investment options and risk management strategies that are suitable to their retirement goals.  The firm's individual planning services are segmented into three areas: Financial Planning, Investment Management and Risk Management- Life Insurance and Long-term Care Planning.  By addressing all three areas with our clients, our team is able to define their investment and retirement objectives, educate them on their options, implement a personalized plan to meet those objectives and help preserve those accumulated assets during retirement years. 


Personal Financial Planning

__Determining clients’ financial status by analyzing financial statements, special needs, investments, taxation, employee benefits etc.   

__Stock option planning   

__Discussion of various mortgage options/real estate purchases   

__Advice in change of lifestyle or major life event (Marriage, divorce, children, job, education)   

__Major purchase goal analysis and funding options   

__Net present value calculations for comparison purposes including time value analysis (NPV, FVA, PVA, PVAD)   

__Importance of saving (dollar cost average, compound interest)   

__Education on mortgage options and financing analysis   

__Provide financial guidance/planning for special circumstances including death, disability, job loss, monetary windfall, divorce, etc.

Investment Management/Asset Allocation

__Asset allocation analysis (may include use of PRT for analysis or other approved software)  

__Risk and reward (risk tolerance analysis)  

__Diversification analysis  

__Analysis and research on individual securities  

__Investment policy statement development

Insurance Needs Planning

__Insurance gap/needs analysis for life, disability, or long-term care   

__Health care, including Medicare, expense planning  

__Analysis and planning for estate liquidity  

__Planning for policy ownership issues and beneficiary designations  

__Asset allocation, diversification, and securities research for variable life and/or annuities (provided advisor is not rep/agent of record) 

__Education on types of insurance, i.e. term vs. permanent, nursing home vs. home care, indemnity vs.reimbursement