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Around the Office- February

Around the Office- February

February 27, 2019
During the month of February we focused on love, relationships and ways to keep your heart healthy. Based on the theme our team decided it would be a great month to introduce you to Carolyn, Peter, Jean and Mike.
While I enjoy sharing our personal stories by way of our “Around the Office” series, sometimes I have a challenge just getting started on a specific topic. Not this month.
With a theme of “love/relationships/heart” I get to brag about my better half. 
This year, Carolyn and I celebrate our 30th anniversary.
We are high school sweethearts who dated for 9 years before I got the “ultimatum”- make the commitment bud…..  
Since I’m so good with math- that’s 39 wonderful years together.
Carolyn is my true-life partner.
We’ve grown together, facing both challenges and successes together.
We know how fortunate we are to have such a strong and loving relationship.
Anyone that has met Carolyn asks, “What the heck are you doing with this guy?” Yep, I know, I get it. For anyone that has not met her yet, I hope you will soon. 
Her positive attitude, genuineness, creativity, sense of humor is just infectious.
You can say I’m just a little bias.
I also hope all of you feel the same way about your life partner.
If I haven’t met them yet, I hope to soon. 
Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for my husband Peter and I. It marks our first “official” date 27 years ago! Yes, we have known each other a LONG time, both having grown up together here in Madison. I think the key to our happy marriage is the fact that we were good friends way before we started dating. We share common values, interests, backgrounds, and goals. Not to mention some great junior prom pictures… With our busy schedule, I’m happy there is a day set aside for appreciating the ones we love.
One of my first loves was flying General Aviation aircraft, Pipers, Cessnas, etc. I got my pilot’s license before I got my driver’s license. Fast forward about 14 years and I found myself in Madison, CT flying on weekends out of Griswold Airport. The future love of my life, Jean, was working there part-time on weekends because she loved flying as well and had her Private Pilot’s License! What were the chances that a single guy would find someone at a small airport who loved the same things he did! We married and enjoyed many wonderful years slipping the surly bonds of earth. While we no longer fly, it’s still in our blood.
My husband Mike and I share a love of fitness, so we are lucky that we’re able to keep our hearts and our relationship healthy at the same time! Having this common interest has been great for us, as we always have something to do together and lots to talk about.