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Craig's Story

Since I ask my clients to share very personal information about themselves and their families, it is time for me to share “My Story”.

My parents were “depression babies”, neither of whom had the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.  They had no choice but to leave school at an early age and seek employment to financially assist their families. Without higher education they realized how difficult it was to “get ahead”. They instilled in me the value of hard work and the importance of an advanced degree.

My Dad was a machinist who had the ability and attributes to be a great engineer.  He could envision almost anything and then actually make/build it. We use this same “hands on” approach when working individually with each of our clients to provide personalized advice.

My Mom was a great cook, and she passed on that passion to me.  Cooking is a mixture of science and creativity.  Like cooking, our recommendations take into account our knowledge, experience, and ability to think outside of the box. This comprehensive strategy is what helps us provide unique guidance. 

My wife was a special education teacher.  She decided to pursue this career choice after personally seeing the need for more appropriate programming in the schools.  Two of our children received special education services.  As parents, and she more specifically as an educator, knew that the need for special education services has nothing to do with intelligence. Each of us learns differently. For instance, some of us are auditory and some are visual learners. Once a personal learning style is identified it can be used to help the student better absorb and understand content.

Some of the topics we discuss with clients involve complex financial terms and strategies.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we recognize different learning styles and break down difficult concepts so they can be more easily understood.  We want our clients to be fully informed and comfortable with their investment decisions.

Carolyn and I have three boys. Our oldest, Christopher, earned his Bachelor of Arts in Statistics from the University of Vermont.  He is employed in the banking industry. Devin is a professional videographer, primarily focused on the snowboard industry.  Our youngest, Hunter, is a National Snowboarding Champion, now pursing higher education.  Our hope is that we have passed on the values we learned from our parents to our boys.

Carolyn and I are very involved with our community and believe in helping others.  We love to travel and we are outdoor sports enthusiasts.  Our activities include CrossFit, skiing, biking, and pickleball.

I thoroughly love what I do, which is assisting our clients pursue their financial goals. I have the opportunity to make a positive impact not only on our client’s lives, but on that of their families as well. Our clients are our extended family. We are fortunate that this “family” continues grow because of the value of the services we provide. Please, share your experience with friends, family and colleagues so we can continue to help others feel confident in their financial future.  

From the heart: Craig Bernard

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