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Around the Office- March

Around the Office- March

March 27, 2019
It is a busy time of year in the office helping clients with tax related questions on top of the everyday financial planning services we provide.
Outside the office we’ve been just as busy.
Kim and I continue to give back to the community by way of the service organizations, boards, and commissions that we work with.
Most recently I was asked to participate in a “career fair” held at Daniel Hand High School. This was a fun way for the students to get exposure to various occupations. Our hope is that this experience will help guide them to potential future jobs as they learn how to align their interests with opportunities in the marketplace.
I also attended a conference hosted by LPL Financial in Boca Raton, Florida. This was an opportunity to join fellow business leaders to learn about industry trends, ways we can better serve our clients, and strengthen the relationships we have with industry partners. This invitation was extended to offices that represent the top 5% of LPL financials 16,000 advisors. I welcomed the chance to enjoy some warm weather and spend some “quality” time with Carolyn.
Kim participated in the Madison Chamber’s Mini Business Expo on March 5th. The Chamber does an excellent job of creating networking opportunities that allow us to meet other trusted contacts in our community. The event provided an opportunity to introduce our firm and our services to other business professionals in the community. It’s very important that we continue to seek out local experts that may be a resource for our clients. We encourage our clients to contact us when they are seeking suggestions in relationship to their personal finances, as well as, other services that may have a positive impact on their lives. 
From a financial planning standpoint, we have talked about the important connection between a client’s physical health and their finances. At the Expo, Kim specifically connected with several healthcare professionals who provide services for caregivers and patients to keep people safe in their home. We understand this is going to be an area that is going to affect all of us at some point in our lives.
All the training and continued learning that we do is for one purpose- providing excellent advice and service to our clients and their families.  As usual, if there is anything, we can do to further this goal please let us know.
All the Best,
Below are a few pictures of us at the events!