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Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

December 12, 2018

The holidays are a time for family and traditions.  Here are the team at Madison Financial Planning’s favorite holiday traditions.

Craig : 

Our family has recently enjoyed the Christmas holidays in Vermont. Our hope is that we are more likely to have a white Christmas. We are up early on Christmas morning, exchange gifts, have a good breakfast and then onto the slopes.


Our holiday traditions focus on food and family, probably in that order and probably because my Mom is an amazing cook.  I think we survive on cookies for the month of December.  Christmas Eve is spent at my parent’s house and she makes baked stuffed shrimp – delicious.  The night ends with my Dad reading Twas the Night Before Christmas and the kids putting out reindeer food.  We also celebrate Hanukkah by lighting the menorah and saying the prayers.  My boys will choose fresh potato latkes over 7 nights of gifts any day!


We always have family over to our house on Christmas Day.  Late in the day, when everyone has caught up with those they haven’t seen for a while, our meal is done, and presents have been exchanged, out come the games!  Board games, card games, old favorites, and new ones too.  We hadn’t realized it had become a tradition, until one year, one of our kids said they couldn’t wait for the games on Christmas day.  This is one of our favorite holiday traditions!


We’re pretty traditional.  Jean starts decorating for Christmas a few days before Thanksgiving.  We open presents around the tree on Christmas Day and we always take a hike with our two grey hounds and our lab in the afternoon on Christmas day.